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A confession of sins


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Hey there mr. wannabe awesome gsf player.


Sorry to destroy ur idea of being an awesome pilot who is rarely killed - its not skill


u are one of the most terrible lagging persons there is in gsf - thats why noone kills u .... so either get a better connection or ****


and btw. not only that ur lag makes u almost unhittable.... ur cowardness even tops it



enjoy feeling superior.... due to lag LOL


Forgive me battlescout overlord, for I have sinned !


I should have known better and engage in a turning fight against your majestic might and accept my inevitable demise against divine wrath of your burst laser cannons instead of flying away towards satellite I was defending in my sinfull clarion with the deviant intent to recuperate my directional shields and insult thee with my proton torpedoes and quads with wingman ability.


Who am I to even dream about defiling your sacred shields and hulls with my sinful lasers while I am engaged in such lagging and teleporting around. Such blasphemous actions should not be possible in my sinful state.


I confess that I have sinned before and lagged, where I ended up crashing to my surroundings continuously while being punished by your agents so I should not have resisted your judgement at this case since you claim that I was indulging in the sin of "lagging", even if I vehemently believe I wasn't you must be right as you are the omniscient one.


Please accept my offerings of flying nothing but bombers from now on as a punishment to atone for my sins.




Some of this post was actually written while semi-afk in a minelayer under satellite b at kuat mesas :D



TL;DR Got this mail after a domination game against opposing faction. I am not certain it was sent by battlescouts even though they seemed to tunnel on me in the game a lot. Sender of the message might be any other person from their team. In fact they might be right in their own accord with me lagging across their screen and teleporting around while I suffer no drawbacks and can keep shooting blasters and protons at people with succes. If I have managed to cheat without actually trying then I genuinely apologize. If not, please learn to fly better before accusing others as abusers.


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Well since you posted about it here I have to say that I too noticed you lagging in one deathmatch today. I would have suspected it being due to my connection since that wouldn't be first time, but I didn't have such problems againts anyone else. It happened only once or twice very briefly when I tried to chase you. While it was minor annoyance It didn't make any difference in the match since your team was winning by very clear margin anyways. I think in all matches I have played with you/againts you it was first time ever I noticed you lagging. Just wanted to let you know that whoever send you that message wasn't only one who noticed it tonight.
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LOL...oh that pesky Davionix..... :D

if he doesn't steal kills, he even dares to lag..... :D

Perhaps we should ambush him in his stronghold and spank him for these sinful missbehaivors?! ;):D



No seriously, the lag peaks hit a lot of people here and there, but i really don't think that is that bad when one in a match has some lag probs, as the boring GS overload matched with piloting skill lacking people who can only win by this BS.



Maverîck / MvonRichthoven

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