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Lord Tetsu's/Lord Rasche's Armor Set


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Dear Devs,


I noticed there is a trend of releasing new armor sets in CM as a reskins of old armors, that are already in game:


Reskin of Darth Sion's armor


Taking this into account - I would kindly like to ask You to release a reskin of Thana Vesh armor set.

Some of the elements would be different: gloves and boots (from the Dramatic Extrovert armor) and most importantly - different colors, which I find more appealing. Please kinldy see the versions of the armor (in-game) below:


Lord Tetsu's Armor


Lord Rasche's Armor 1


Lord Rasche's Armor 2



Below is the version of how I would very much like it to be released (HOOD DOWN):


:wea_03:Sith Pureblood's Armor :wea_03:



I really hope You will at least consider it.


Thank You in advance.

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