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Idea for a new class of equippable items


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I assume that it is almost too late for that to be included in the game, but here it is :


There are Generators, there are Shields ... and I want a completely new class of equippable items :




Right now, Backpacks / Rucksacks are part of the armor.


Personally, I believe that more y could be achieved by including individual rucksacks / backpacks.


There *are* already so many variations of them - but unfortunately they are part of the armor's chest-piece.


I fear that it is almost far too lare for them to be included in the game, because armor is already so much sophisticated. There would be - I fear - far too many clipping errors and other kinds of graphical errors.


The only solution that comes to my mind is, to limit backpacks / rucksacks to robes and other non-trooper, non-BH armor (BH = Bounty Hunter).


One picture that suddenly came to my mind was that of a "personal Ughnaught" sitting in such a backpack - similar to Yoda in TESB. That Ughnaught could be a Mechanic - meaning that he repairs ( = "heals") droids and that this backpack is a humanoid droid - only Customization), or that this Ugnaught is indeed a "personal healer" aka "pocket healer" sittting in the own character's backpack. He would act as a companion, then, because having this healer and a Healing Companion would be an exploit. On the other hand, this "pocket healer" could become a Toy for replenishing Health.


And, by the way : I still want the passive Relics to be equippable for Companions. ;)

Why shouldn't Companions be able to have them ? The space in the Compoanion's character screen is there ! ;)



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