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Suggestions: After returning to the game after a couple years break.


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Real life got in the way of long-term gaming, and I've done nothing in game for a couple years. After coming back, things have changed considerably, and so I'm seeing many things from a new perspective, but also have been here since beta, so I have some long-term experience.


So here are some things that I feel would make the game more enjoyable based on my last few days of play:



  • Distinguishing between quests.

With so many quests in game, and many of them repeatable, I find it hard to know if I've done them already, or I'm repeating them (If I'm working through a planet, I don't want to repeat myself, and taking a break makes it even harder to remember if I've already done a quest). A simple change of quest icon colour could help distinguish quest types, from Heroics, story, Flashpoints, to Operations, etc, and a counter (0 - 99) inside those icons would show that they are repeatable and how many times they've been completed.



  • Heroic 4 with only companions.

I feel that Heroic 4s are no different than every other planetary quest, and almost all those quests are designed to be able to be completed by a single player and a companion, all except Heroic 4 quests. Generally Heroic 4s are used for levelling up characters, and players that want more challenge or rewards will generally go for Flashpoints Operations or other challenges. This leaves many of us begging for help with Heroic 4 quests, often in areas with barely any players. It would help if we could supplement those instances with our companions; bringing them in-line with all the other planetary quests and give us a unique experience with multiple companions working together.



  • Show Legacy XP.

When we reach level 55, we no longer get standard XP, but we do still get Legacy XP; it would be nice to show those numbers in the UI.



  • Better craft window sorting.

With so many schematics, it's difficult to remember what is what and to find specific level schematics between the clutter. It would be nice if there was another sort option that allowed us to filter schematics to specific levels. Right now we can sort by level, but that's still cluttered.



  • More variation in looted schematics.

Why does my Sith Warrior only ever loot Synthweaving schematics. Over the last few days I've looted half a dozen of these and no other craft types, but my Warrior doesn't even have Synthweaving.



  • Crew missions window remain open

It would be really handy if the crew missions window would remain open after sending a companion on a mission, similar to the craft window when assigning crew to craft something. Having to re-open multiple times and re-select the required level components each time is frustrating.



  • Resizeable UI windows.

Why can I resize and move every element of the UI, except for the various windows. I would love to be able to resize many of the scrollable windows such as Crew Management, Mission Log, Abilities, Crafting, Legacy, etc.



  • Setting UI Alpha for backgrounds only.

Setting UI alpha is a great feature, but it's not much good if it fades out my abilities, health, and other important items as well. What we need is a background alpha setting. This way, toolbars, player status, etc, could all fade out like the chat boxes, and give us a more minimalist UI.



  • Sorting the inventory.

While it would be nice to have a separate tab for junk items, I would love another sort option to distinguish between crafting components, junk, equipment, consumable, ship items, etc. This would allow for a much less frustrating trip to the vendor and to my ship's hold.



  • Joining chat tabs with secondary chat windows.

While I can detach and reattach chat tabs with my main chat window, I cannot merge tabs together with each other. It would be nice to group specific tabs together.



  • Map markers.

Player created map markers would be very handy to have on the map. I could share with the group where I want to meet, I could set a destination without needing the map open constantly, I could mark a location for a later time. Even better would be the addition of a waypoint system to follow to get to your map marker.



  • High resolution textures.

This should be a pretty simple feature to enhance the game. The first thing I noticed upon returning to SWTOR, was how washed out and low-res the textures are. Right now the game only uses around 1Gb of texture memory, and many people now have 2Gb or greater graphics cards. So why not release a high-res texture pack for those with faster PCs.

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