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Survival, no matter the cost


"The Sith are brutal. Make one mistake, one bad career move, and it could end your life. Maybe not outright, maybe you won't be cut down before a live studio audience, because they like their games. The politics behind the scenes are so cloudy and yet when it's happening to you... you can tell you're being set up. Yet sometimes you pull off the impossible, and you beat the odds. Suddenly you're feeling alright, and you might survive to see next week. And then they throw you right back into the fire. So what do you do when the whole galaxy is against you? You prove them wrong."

You survive.






Reaver Company is a collection of the Empire's outcasts, brought together under Darth Gaegron to act as the Empire's suicide squad. Always outmanned and consistently outgunned, Reaver Company persists where others fail. When not facing extraordinarily unfair mission circumstances, Reaver Company is often tasked with the Dark Council's crap work to keep them busy. Their orders range anywhere from suicide runs into Republic space to dead-end postings on Taris to cycle out the more "valued" units.




As of this posting, we are roughly a month old! We're seeking new members, and we offer a variety of roles for your character to jump into. As we're a new guild, we haven't begun to look at PvE and PvP content and how it will fit into our roleplay. We are focusing primarily on roleplay at this time to help get our story churning.





Reaver Company enforces certain parameters on your character's backstory in order for them to join. Your character must fall in line with the guild's goal of providing a dependable unit for the survivors and outcasts of the Empire.


Maybe you're an acolyte who got a bad deal on Korriban so the favored rival can ascend. Maybe you were left to die on the battlefield, and against all odds you survived. Maybe you completely botched your first posting and got a lot of people killed. Maybe your just a mercenary looking for some work. Our members include a Lord whose greed cost her her first unit and a soldier caught in a compromising position with a powerful Sith. Be creative and have fun with the role. There's plenty of inspiration in the game to be found.


Joining up is simple and largely a matter of how invested you wish to become in your own roleplay with us. In order to get the process off the ground, send a tell or mail one of our lovely leaders detailing your interest. Bonus points if it is done as IC communication. Once contact has been established, we'll chat for a while to make sure you're a good fit for our guild. If we deem you worthy, you're on to the IC introduction.


Rather than leaving your introduction in some nebulous gray area, we will physically play out your first encounter with us. The fun here is that you decide how you met us. Youtell us how and when and where you'd like to be inducted into the guild, and if it fits with the guild's premise, that's how it will be. If you have any questions on the matter, never hesitate to voice them. We're here for roleplay, after all!




Currently, our numbers don't support any structured, organized grouping. However, PvE and PvP content is something we definitely want to participate in. If you've got a hankering to stomp some Pub heads or earn your weekly comms, rest assured you're probably not alone.





Contact and of the following with questions regarding the guild or recruitment:



Xaél (e = alt+130)


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We're still actively recruiting! After a brief hiatus (in which he played tag with his internet providers *grumble*) Darth Gaegron is back!


With the holiday season upon us, I can think of no better time for disheveled, barely-alive college youth to drop their studies, come on home, and join Reaver Company!


Reaver Company does not endorse college dropouts and is in no way responsible for the consequences of dropping out of college to play SWTOR with a group of really awesome people.

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