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My personal hopes


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IMHO the next big update / release / version / expansion is done... aside from final last minute tweaks, etc. That's cool! That is as it should be.

It is my genuine hope that many of suggestions and ideas that are here (and there are several really good ones) will still manage to make it into SWTOR in the long haul.

1. More gear (some of the favorites mentioned). Let's face it... we ALL have our wish list here!

2. Additional Strongholds (several good suggestions made: including a floating city apartment on the outer rim.)

3. Additional equipment, decorations etc etc for strongholds ... MANY good ideas mentioned here. Too many to even list.

4. Companion ideas and suggestions (I'm really pulling for these)

5. Weapons

6. New planets

7. WOW !!! Just this list is a massive undertaking.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that we realize that it is totally impossible to get everything we want. By that same token there are so many that are really good ideas. I'm looking at this LONG term.... not what is coming out the next few days/weeks.

And it would REALLY be cool to see some of the stuff we want actually make it to the game!


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