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Will Corruption Sorcerer be viable for Ranked now?


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I leveled and played my Sorcerer as Corruption for ever until I decided to start playing ranked pvp.


I love playing in the Arenas but as much as I tried to improve my healing I just couldn't keep up with Mercs or OPs. Sorcerers are very often the target, and the fact that the healing style was/is heavily turret and channel oriented made it really difficult.


However, I was playing around with the Disciplines Calculator and it just looks so f*king interesting.


I'm really interested in the actual mechanics of Roaming Mend and how much impact it will have as a heal.


Being able to cast Innervate on the move... WHAT? Dark Heal being instant and with no Force cost? WHAAAAAT?


Basically being able to H2F with your Resurgence, Unnatural Preservation and the Force Barrier + Enduring Bastion heals?


It def looks interesting and can't wait to try it out.


Back to my roots yo! :D

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