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Survival of the Nerdiest: Fatalities Match 1 Preparation Thread!


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Hello people, despite the fact that Classic Match 2 'The Hunt of Dxun' is still on-going we have decided it would be most wise to have plenty of space for people to get involved in our first fatalities match 'Escape from the Lacerate'!


This time we will have player teams! instead of a free-for-all this will be a faction game!




Faction Number 1!


The Alliance to Restore the Republic!




Faction Number 2!


The Galactic Empire!




18 BBY, the Great Jedi Purge!


Now here be the rules:


  1. Don't talk about Survival club!
  2. There is no limit to faction numbers!
  3. There is no limit to Force Users on the Rebellion faction!
  4. The Galactic Empire players cannot have Force Users!
  5. No Sith! Only Dark Jedi are acceptable in this Fatalities Match!


Now that is out of the way, I must warn you, the more Heavy class on one side especially Force Users on the Rebellion, the more difficult the game will be.




Alliance to restore the Republic:


Heavy Class:

Jedi Master

Rebel Clone Trooper

Rebel SpecOps Soldier

Dark Jedi


Medium Class:

Jedi Knight

Rebel Spy



Light Class:


Rebel Soldier



The Galactic Empire:


Heavy Class:

Stormtrooper(Clone veteran)

Imperial Security Bureau Agent

Bounty Hunter


Medium Class:

Stormtrooper(Drafted human)

Imperial Army Officer

Imperial Pilot


Light Class:

Imperial Army Soldier



Despite the class system, we encourage diversity and well-written characters, don't be afraid to be a little lore bending but also try to keep your character grounded.


Character Name:




Skill(s)-*Meant more for non-Force Users than anything else, but can be used regardless*




*These three items can be anything... within reason, avoid things like Kaiburr Crystals and unique staffs, amulets, etc... these are banned for good reason.*





Psychological Profile:

*This section is to describe character mental traits and general attitude*


Historical Background:

*This obviously is used to detail the history of said character, try not to go over the top, personal meetings with the Emperor for example, are highly discouraged*


If you wish to make a force sensitive, use the following link, the points limit is 150: Create Force User




  • The Empire only used Humans and even then rarely employed females, the Rebellion consisted of all kinds of species, in-fact near 80% of Rebel servicemen were not human.
  • Dark Jedi who hunted Jedi were fairly rare during the purge and it is encouraged that said characters are those that despise the Empire, such as Maris Brood.
  • The Empire faction will be given Stormtrooper NPCs and the like as is appropriate, the same will be done with the Rebel faction should they by outnumbered significantly.
  • We encourage players to give with what they wish but it would make our jobs as narrators easier if there were indeed more Rebel players than Imperial, but do not let this discourage you from choosing the Empire.
  • Keep in mind when creating a character and a background, certain aspects of lore. (For example: Wookiee Jedi are extremely rare, avoid stuff like that)


That said, get creative!

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The Narrators for this match are LadyKulvax, Canino, and myself.


While it is still part of the 'Survivors' series, we feel that due to how the game will play differently than a standard 'Survivors' match, we should make rules specifically designed for "Fatalities".


Nor do we wish to do this in a vacuum.


I know that when I made the rules for the other matches I was trying to find a good balance between Narration (plot driven) and character driven. In the first match it was too loose, and in the second too tight. So, instead of stumbling around trying to achieve balance akin to Bioware with Marauders, :p I figured I would ask everyone to have a hand in crafting these rules for 'Fatalities'.


Just keep in mind that 'Survivors' is the overarching game, but that 'Fatalities' is drastically different. So many things are different, it might take a while of explaining to be clear. I will make a write up on a few of the key aspects to display the main differences sometime tomorrow.


For those of you wondering about the different modes within the 'Survivors' game mode, I figured I would give you guys a small sneak peak at the names, so you can all have a bit to chew on while Match 2 continues on.




Last Nerd Standing

Nerd Wars




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Character Name: Saril

Faction: Alliance to Restore the Republic.

Profession- Dark Jedi

Species- Togruta

Gender- Female

Skill(s)- Lightsaber techniques, un-armed combat, Jar'kai dual blade combat, Togruta senses(species trait).

Clothing- Minimalist transparent Jedi tunics with grey Togruta sash



1. Lightsaber, steel hilt with brown wrappings.

2. Lightsaber, electrum hilt with gray wrappings.


Physical traits:


Skin: Purple.

Complexion: Smooth.

Lekku(4): White, pink pattern.

Montrals: Large, flower shape, white.

Eyes: Sulfur Yellow.

Build: Muscular/Fit.

Height: 5'10


Psychological profile:



A typical Order raised Jedi but with little ability to actually channel the Force, frustrated by her apparently average connection to the Force, she seeks to prove herself better than her contemporaries with her skills in lightsaber combat.


A rather brash and arrogant Jedi, she barely survived Operation Knightfall, only due to her own disobedience, following the first stages of the Great Jedi Purge the destruction of the only family she knew drove a very deep hatred of the Empire.


If she could destroy the traitor 'Lord Vader' by sacrificing herself, she would and gladly.





Taken at the rather late age of five standard years from Shili, she was right away seen to be a somewhat uncontrollable element among the Padawan learners, sometimes even picked on for always being least in her class where Force application came in.


Worrying that she was simply not strong enough in the Force, she was on the verge of being sent to the AgriCorps until the lead lightsaber instructor Master Drallig vouched for her incredible unassisted acrobatic skill and the apparent ease at which she picked up lightsaber techniques.


When she reached pubescent age it was clear that she was a natural Lightsaber duelist, already having great skill in Form I and Form VI, but her acrobatics made it clear that she was born an Ataru practitioner.


By sixteen years of age she was a greatly skilled Ataru practitioner, but more importantly her Force abilities were finally beginning to blossom. It became apparent that when focused solely on acrobatics and lightsaber sequences her Force Augmentation skills came naturally to her, without thought.


By two decades old she was a master of Ataru and was well versed in every form, nearing mastery in others. Then came the purge.


Be it luck or the will of the Force she had disobeyed her orders and gone out on one of her many acrobatic trips through Coruscant's more connected areas.


When she neared a return to the Temple she saw the burning remains of a once great order, the deaths of all the Jedi within.... and the Clone troopers pouring in and out.


Days of hiding later came the announcement.. "All Jedi will be hunted down and defeated!" she was in simple shock... a signal went out declaring the war was over and that all Jedi should return to the capitol.


She did the opposite, she fled Coruscanti space... then the core worlds and got as far away as she could... she tried and failed to find other Jedi, she knew she was truly alone in the galaxy, but she was determined to destroy the Imperials where ever they might be.


After her twentieth attack on Imperial Army soldiers and Stormtroopers, she came to understand that only darkness pervaded through the galaxy... and so darkness became her.


Vengeful she continues her self-destructive path into darkness without a second thought. Refining her lethal talents with a lightsaber with an ever more twisted and yet repetitive precision. Juyo was the one form forbidden to Jedi, but it came to her as simply as breathing.



Lightsaber Form(s):



Form I:Shii-Cho (Moderate) - Free

Form II:Makashi (Master) - 28 Points

Form III:Soresu (Moderate) - 6 Points

Form IV:Ataru (Master) - 28 Points

Form V:Djem-So (Moderate) - Free

Form V:Shien (Master) - 28 Points

Form VI:Niman (Minor) - Free

Form VII:Juyo (Master) - 45 Points






Force speed(Minor) - Free.

Force cloak(Minor) - Free.

Force stealth(Minor) - Free.

Force sight(Minor) - Free.

Farseeing(Minor) - Free.

Force empathy(Minor) - Free.

Telepathy(Minor) - Free.

Telekinesis(Minor) - Free.

Force Jump/Leap(Minor) - Free.

Force Pull/Push(Minor) - Free.







Tutaminis(Moderate) - 2 Points

Force Deflection(Moderate) - 2 Points

Force Throw(Minor) - Free.

Precognition(Master) - 5 Points.

Breath Control (Minor) - Free.

Force Sense (Moderate) - Free.

Force Barrier(Master) - 6 Points




Total Points: 150.

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All of the cool kids are Rebels! :D

you make a good point i want to be with the cool kids but i also I have a amazing character that would would make the empire seem cool :cool:


hey i have a question why are Dark Jedi part of the republic faction I know it is made that Dark Jedi are supposed to hate the empire with a passion but i think they should be their own group not part of the rebellion

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hey i have a question why are Dark Jedi part of the republic faction I know it is made that Dark Jedi are supposed to hate the empire with a passion but i think they should be their own group not part of the rebellion


Enemy of my enemy is my friend and no, no third faction.


Not to mention you're not starting off as if you have a choice, just to give a hint.

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I cant participate, but I made a semi template that I sent to Silenceo. if you are having a problem creating one, see if you can get the stuff from Silenceo....



Its a Rebel..... and its an Alien.


I'll do that thank you tune


side note: ok so sense i can't think of what character to use i bring it down to two can i just post both and have you all vote one

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