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Dominus Nihil now recruiting (Republic)


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I'm the Guild Leader of Dominus Nihil on JC. We would like to invite those that are currently new to the game, guild-less or unhappy with their current guilds to come hang with us for a bit to see if Dominus Nihil is the home that you have been looking for.



Dominus Nihil (Master of Nothing in Latin) was created shortly after the launch of SWG back in 2003. We began as a collection of friends and avid gamers with similar personalities that met in game and decided to band together to compete with the power gamers. We created a mature yet competitive guild that remained largely drama free over the years, and has often been praised for our family feel. Over Ten years later we are all still friends, and finding new friends all the time. Quite frankly, I can't imagine playing a game with any other group of people.


We've expanded into many games over the years which are too numerous and not relevant enough to mention, and have had a significant presence in SW:TOR since Beta. We are always looking to grow the family with like minded players. We are Republic factioned guild with a Sith sister guild. We are mature gamer friendly - most of us are in our mid-thirties. But we aren't all old fogies either; we're constantly picking up young blood when we find that they have the same mature values as we do. We are serious players with a casual feel with a commitment to seeing all aspects of game play as a guild including Operations, Flashpoints, Warzones, Open-world PvP, coordinated crew skills, leveling groups, heroics, world boss hunting and social events. Camaraderie is DN's most important goal and will always be our first priority.


For numerous testimonials from DN members see our past recruitment threads and read out their experiences in DN and how they became part of the family

Past Recruitment Post 1

Past Recruitment Post 2



We have a set raid groups burning through new content, open sign up raids held throughout the week, and are looking to set up a second permanent raid group. We haven’t historically been focused on PvP but we do have several players who PvP regularly and we are always looking to pick up other PvPers to expand in this area. The Season Three Ranked PvP rewards are looking pretty sweet so we are currently in the process of setting up a ranked PvP Team. We also have a Republic guild ship with most of the room unlocks completed and are currently working towards the Sith side guild ship. We also compete in the weekly conquest contest and this past week scored our highest place yet with a 2nd place finish over Tatooine and with a few more people helping out we will only be that much more competitive on a weekly basis.


Participation is always encouraged but NEVER required. Our players are active and helpful, and our crafters are always willing to help get players new to endgame geared up quickly.


How to apply

My invitation to you is to do a /who Dominus and see who is online. Either just hang out for a bit to test the waters or ask for an officer to set you up as a recruit. If you feel we are a good fit for you visit our website at dominusnihil.com/forms and fill out an official application.


Thank you for your time and consideration.


Dominus Nihil


Server: Jedi Covenant

- Timezone: EST, with members from all over the world including West, Central, & Eastern US,

UK, Australia, and Canada

- Guild experience bonus

- Mumble server provided

- Guild Website and forums with chat client

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Quality individuals up in here. Dominus Nihil has been a great home online for me since 2005. I have since become a filthy casual with grown-up responsibilities, carebear-ish tendencies and erratic availability, but I have always fit in just fine with our hardcore raiders, crafters and PvPers. I will roll with Dominus Nihil in any game on any day.
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