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Looking for old RP thread participants


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Hi, I am looking for participants of an RP thread that happened long ago. The RP took place on the forums of the old website. Yep, back in the days when release was merely a twinkle in our eyes. So the problem is that the RP thread no longer exists, and has no proof of existence.


I was hoping, though, that possibly I could find someone still active on these forums that took place in this seemingly ancient RP. Although unlikely, I would hopefully just like to come across these people whom I shared such a great SWTOR forum RP experience with. Here goes nothing!


So the name of the thread was something like: The Autumn mining colony. Could have been Automn, atomun, something along those lines. But the RP was based on some small colony on a moon planet of some sort. It was an old rustic town, and most of the RP happened in the local tavernish cantina.


I RP'd a guy woken up in a carbonite freeze chamber which was stowed upon an old ship in a nearby scrapyard.



I know this is barely any information, but hopefully someone will recognize it? We shall see.


Also, Im sorry if this was the wrong sub-forum to post this thread in, but it seemed appropriate.

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