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Invasion Forces


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I have a suggestion to add more uses for Invasion Forces, or at least let us RE them for a chance to get some of the components back. Right now there is an overabundance of them and so they tend to sit in banks.


If adding more uses for them would not work then perhaps adjust the Jawa Junk cost of the rare mats used to craft Dark Projects. Remove the green requirements from the blues, and the blues from the purples. I understand that rare mats are rare mats but this might help boost the usefulness of the IFs if more people are actually able to craft them.


Thank you kindly for listening,


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My suggestions weren't exactly specific but I posted some thoughts on this in one thread or another where I suggested that all 6 types of war supplies items could be put to use as currency tokens the same way that the prefab kits are used to buy decorations. My thought was that they can try to stick to the theme of each item when deciding what to let us purchase with them.


The easiest example would probably be to use the infantry supply kits to purchase new healing items and stims / adrenals. Perhaps a kolto bomb? (Same "one use per fight" restriction as medpacks, but can be used as an area effect heal for 20% of max health or something like that.) Maybe an adrenal grenade? (Make it like a gas canister that causes an area effect that applies an adrenal effect for a 3% stat boost or something like that. Probably make things like that "one use per fight" too.) They could make separate pve and pvp versions for each item as well.


Beyond that...? Maybe they could add some new neutral relics for various specific levels? Trade crystal capacitor / holocron of strategy for relics meant for force users and trade armored vehicles / starship weapons for relics meant for tech users? Trade at a rate of... 3 for a level 20 relic, 5 for a level 30 relic, 7 for a level 40 relic, and 9 for a level 50 relic? And perhaps also trade 3 invasion force for a level 60 relic ("entry level" compared to drops from level 60 ops, of course)? Perhaps they could also consider adding some armor sets to be purchased with these? (A set for each type of war supply.)


Rather than adjusting the trade cost for the dark project's components from the jawa vendors, I still think that they could start offering jawa trade items as options for rewards from heroic missions and/or allow them to be purchased with more types of commendations. (They are currently also possible to get with warzone comms, right? It's not just conquest rewards and gamble packs?) So when you see a heroic reward window offering your choice of a piece of armor or a few planet comms, that might also have 1 purple, 2 blue, or 3 green jawa items as alternative options. Or maybe it would be one new option that would just be a box that contains one random jawa item? (Is that what the warzone comms purchase? If so, they could consider adding that box for purchase with a comparable number of fleet comms to one vendor and for a comparable number of planet comms to another vendor.)

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