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<House Irasa> Heavy Rp Guild


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::Begin Transmission::


A woman appears in a rather formal outfit. Her long white leather coat flowing down her figure. Its adorned with red patterns along it. She stands there calmly smiling. She has blonde hair and green eyes that are looking directly at the viewer. On each of her cheeks is a small implant. She appears human otherwise.


"Hello there. I'm Starbourg Silveria and I would like to tell you about some exciting opportunities we have within our House," she clasps her hands together in front of her.


"First let me tell you about who we are. House Irasa is an Alderaan house. We were once part of the Empire... " Her voices trails off a moment, "That is until they turned on the house and killed almost everyone. Lady Nayu was off world at the time and was so grief stricken to learn of what had happened." She sighs looking down a moment shifting from side to side.


Then she looks back up a more solemn expression on her face, "Her whole family had been slaughtered... her mom, father.... aunts... uncles... everyone she loved and cared about. She alone survived the attack."


The woman sighs deeply as she shifts leaning on her other side, "Lady Nayu fled to the Republic and sought refuge here. Soon afterwards she become a Republic citizen and meet a man by the name of Andisul. Together they began working to rebuild the house."


A smile forms on her face as she continues, "Many came to her aid and found a family within the house. That is at the core what House Irasa is... its a family where we take care of each other. That is why I joined House Irasa. Lady Nayu welcomed me into the house and her family like I was her kin."


She begins to pace a big, "As we have tried to rebuild... we have continued to be attacked by the Empire." She paces more, "It seems there are those that want our house to be completely wiped out at all costs. We've been infiltrated by spies, had our leader Nayu kidnapped and attempts on her life. To the point that she felt it necessary to fake her death for a while..... during that period other family she found took over the reigns and even they were attacked and had attempts on their life."


She stops pacing and frowns, "I myself... have a bounty on my head and can no longer go anywhere without a couple guards. We have lost many lives. Just a few weeks ago we were again attacked and nearly wiped out. But the few of us that survived that second sacking of our house, are more determined than ever to not let the Empire destroy what we have fought so hard to rebuild."


She looks directly at the viewer, "We need your help. We need soldiers to help defend our house and its members. We need what we call Tarragons to protect the Irasa family and be ever vigilante in keeping them safe. We also have a group of mostly force users that are tasked with rooting out those that wish to bring us harm and protecting the house. The are simliar to the Tarragon in that they serve to protect the house and its members however they are more of an elite group that defend the house by going to the source of our danger rather than waiting for it to come to us. These elite defenders are known as the Templars." She smiles at the viewer, "Those three groups are charged with protecting the house and their members in different ways but all are needed and important to the house."


She tilts her head slightly as she continues, "We also need those with business skills to help us make the money necessary to support our rebuilding and defense efforts." She clasps her hands in front of her again, "I now run Irasa Industries which is a conglomeration of smaller businesses that those in House Irasa and the Irasa family have formed. We have a Spa name "Wings of Paradise", a Casino named "Noble Dragon Casino", a PI business name "Prying Eyes Investigation", and a shipping company named "Krayt Package Service" or KPS for short. There are lots of opportunites for those with a variety of skills to get involved with the business side of things."


She smiles warmly, "I implore you to search deep within yourself and determine if you are willing to join a cause greater than ourselves and keep the Empire from wiping out yet another Noble house. If we could ever rebuild we desire to help others rebuild and protect the innocent from senseless attacks by the Empire. Join us and make a difference. Join us and become part of a family."


She looks down a moment, "That's what I found when I joined House Irasa... I grew up with very little." She looks down at her nice clothes, "I certainly couldn't have afforded this... I scraped by on whatever I could find and raised my younger sister ... protecting her and keeping her safe." She looks back up at the viewer with great emotion in her voice and expression, "My father was an abusive man and my mother... though a Jedi lost her will to fight and did nothing to stop him. So... I alone stood up to him and protected my sister from him. He is the reason I now have a bounty on my head..."


She sighed, "I can not share more at this time... its too dangerous for me... but I'm not the only one in the house with a story of hardship and struggle. Most of us come from backgrounds that aren't all glamorous. We know what it means to make sacrifice and have very little. We accept those with differences... we even have a few purebloods in our midst. They were victims as much as most of the rest of us and we now work together to right the wrongs of our pasts and to rebuild House Irasa into a strong noble house of Alderaan."


She smiled looking directly at the viewer, "If you would like to join our fight or just want to find out more. Please contact me." She presses something that sends her com frequency to the viewers screen. "Thank you for your time and I look forward to you joining us!"


Her image fades.


::end transmission::

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