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[RP-Project] The Sleeping Slayers. [WIP]


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Work in Progress, needs clarification on the timeline and dates, constructive critsism welcome!


If you enjoy trained killers, conspiracy theories, secrets and subterfuge.

Give this a read!


Imperial Intelligence

Classification X (For highest ranking officers within Intelligence, their eyes only.)

Hard copy only, digital copying of document will result in conditioning and appropriate lethal action.



Greetings Keeper

I hope this document has reached your hands safely, if you find the genetic seal has been prematurely breeched please apprehend the courier and see to it all known connections are explored and exterminated, this is an incredibly sensitive matter and one unfortunately deems your life forfeit for laying eyes upon it.


Once you're in, you don't get out.


Now with the formalities out of the way, settle in, lock your door and slice any cameras you have watching you.


Just over two decades ago a Chiss Scientist by the name of Nlirm'olil'dordu was assimilated into Imperial Intelligence and swiftly rose through the ranks, his remarkable knowledge of human and alien (As recognised by The Empire) anatomy caught the attention of our own research departments but it was his ground breaking approach to cybernetics that truly solidified his position within our collective.


In just three years Olil stripped down our approach to mechanical subjects and completely rebuilt it from the ground up, it is his mind that countless cyborg Agents within Intelligence have to thank for their cutting-edge weaponised bodies and unnatural fortitude.


Now as I'm sure you're a where twenty years ago was a difficult time for The Empire, The Sith in particular were driven to such extremes to confirm their power (Having come to frequent blows with The Jedi and The Republic as a whole) The Sith at the most stable times within The Empire still are a permanent form of chaos which in turn is a frequent element within our planning and executions of said planning..


You can find further details on these events, all the information you'll require is attached to this document, but for the sake of summary Olil spoke out against the wrong Sith and as punishment had his family publicly executed, the matter in of itself was a diplomatic **** storm (pardon my Chun) that proved a monumental feat.


Olil however was a prized possession of The Empire and was considered far too valuable to excommunicate to Shadow Town or allow too much freedom (The Republic at this time, had already turn-coated dozens of our valued scientists) thankfully the ever resourceful Chiss Scientist had his own project that could in turn aid The Empire.


Project Slayer was proposed to a select few members of Intelligence and a handful of interested parties within The Sith, several of these members have already been silenced or dealt with as the years have progressed, on one occasion a mouthy Darth made it her business to reveal it, but was conveniently provoked by a rival Sith and found herself disembowelled before her lips parted (A beautiful bit of subterfuge on my part.)


But, to get to the meat of the matter, Olil took his resources, his knowledge and new found financial backing and fled to a desolate area of space, within two decades he had home-grown a small army of cybernetically enhanced soldiers designed solely for hunting Sith, Jedi and anyone who deemed unfortunate.


These are tank birthed abominations, brainwashed from birth to serve his will and his will alone, I've heard mixed reports of their actual training techniques but there's been a few accounts from confiscated subjects that speak of a crisp white arena where children fight each other to the death, deep dark forests where captured mercenaries are let loose and later hunted down by Olil's chosen, educated as Agents and with all the lessons we teach at the academy and some we don't.


This wasn't a sole venture, I mean, do you believe Olil was hard pressed to find Agents within Intelligence who haven't been wronged by The Sith? I can name at least three individuals still to this day, of every rank, which I would suspect of defecting.


Evidentally however, six years ago, Olils compound was raided by our people and with the ever-watching eye of The Dark Council, traitors were executed, assets were seized, it was another mess brought on by short-sighted Sith and like all of those messes fell on the back of Intelligence.


For all intensive purposes Project Slayer was discontinued, burn't to the ground and the earth it stood on salted, if The Dark Council at the time could've obliterate the planet it stood on, I suspect they would have.


To much debate amongst the few who know of the truth, several of Olils ' Children ' were acquisitions taken in by Intelligence, they were reprogrammed by our Watchers, given false identities, robbed of their memories and assigned Sleeper agents who were told minimal information save for their orders.


The subject will join Imperial Intelligence

The subject will be terminated with if they become self aware

The subject will not learn the truth


As you can imagine only a few of these sleeping Slayers made it far enough into the academy, we found psychotic breaks and suicide seem to run heavily within their statistics, likely a side effect of the conflicting brain washing, because of these incidents It has been advised that you made aware of these individuals, find all of their dossiers attached to this document and see to it watchers and sleeper agents are assigned where necessary.


Might I advise caution when dealing with these individuals, Keeper, better to be safe then sorry and by The Emperor himself never let this information fall into the hands of The Sith, we must walk a delicate line of salvaging Olils remarkable creations and making sure The Dark Council suspects nothing.

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