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Sorcerer stats for DPS in Ops an Heroics missions HELP!

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Most important:

Only Willpower, no Strength, Aim, Cunning or Presence.

As much Accuracy as needed to get you as close/slightly over 100%/110% Hitchance!

(100% Hitchance under Range stats, 110% under Force stats, Force = Range +10%)


Much Power, some Crit, some Surge (total Crit Multiplier between 70% and 75%)


No Defense, Shield or Absorb

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As much Accuracy as needed to get you as close/slightly over 100%/110% Hitchance!

(100% Hitchance under Range stats, 110% under Force stats, Force = Range +10%)


Its a Sorc. That means the Accuracy talent they have applies only to their Force accuracy, and not Melee or Ranged. By default, the game displays Melee/Defense or Ranged/Defense on the character sheet.


Thus a Sorc is going to have, ideally, just slightly over 97% Melee/Ranged accuracy with slightly over 110% Force Accuracy.


To OP, under no circumstances do you care, AT ALL, about melee or ranged accuracy. In any case, the ideal amount of Acc currently is 440. That will get you where you need to be.

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Ok, let's assume this person knows nothing of gearing.


First of all, stats you don't want to have at all.

- Other classes primary stats: Aim, Cunning, Strength

- Tank stats, Shield Rating, Absorption Rating, Defense Rating

Make sure to remove anything and everything with these stats from your gear.

If you have stats that your class should not have at all, most groups will not want you in.



What stats to have:



Use only Resolve armorings which have Willpower and Endurance and with higher Willpower and lower endurance.

Avoid low willpower, high endurance versions, (although they are better than nothing).

Don't use under any circumstances any with any other stats


From now on, I will not list endurance as all the mods and enhancements have endurance anyway. Just listing the other 2 stats on them.



There are 2 types you can use. Look for the ones with these stat combinations.

- Willpower and Power

- Willpower and Critical Rating

Ideally you want most of the mods be Willpower+Power. Maybe like one or two with Critical Rating.

If you have more Critical Rating, that is not such a big deal. You may eventually want to swap them for power, but that is not a high priority. Just make sure you remove any and all mods with one of the stats listed above that you should not have at all.

Also be Ideally you want to rather use the unlettered mods, not the ones with letter "A" after the mod level number. Even though A-mods have more main stat, they have so much less power that the unlettered mods have better total amount of main stat and power combined.

Note that even an A-mod is still better than lower level mod or mod with wrong stats



There are basically 6 types that are acceptable to use

The possible stat combinations:

Power + Accuracy Rating

Power + Surge Rating

Power + Alacrity Rating

Critical Rating + Accuracy Rating

Critical Rating + Surge Rating

Critical Rating + Alacrity Rating

Anything with any other stats combinations (ie tank stats) is not for you to use.

(except obviously all of them have endurance)

If possible you want low endurance and high power versions.

To get proper set up of stats get:

- As many enhancements with Power + Accuracy Rating as you need to get as close as possible to 440 accuracy (that's 6 items at 162 gear rating or 5 at 168 gear rating or 4 at 180 gear rating)

- Maybe 1 with Power + Alacrity Rating (if lightning, not really for madness)

- All the remaining enhancements with Power + Surge Rating however many there are left.

Again one or two of these can be with Critical Rating instead of Power.

Note that Earpieces and Implants have these stats too, even though they have no mod or enhancement slots, but you need to count in the stats in them too.


And so on


Augments again go for Resolve (willpower)

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