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Shortage of nice dyes. Need more options than 4 options to get them.

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Current options are too limited. Dyes are one-use only. We can't redeem them in collections like armor sets and the nice ones have similar drop rates to the rarest stuff out there. Please consider more than four options which currently are: the dye pack that's been there from start, occasional direct purchase black and white dyes, general gambling boxes and great dye pack having a chance to drop any dye out there :[


Please consider adding dye packs which will contain some random dyes from specific shipment.


Like Shipment 1 Dye Pack, Shipment 2 dye pack, or Bounty Dye Pack, Starfighter Dye Pack... You get me.


Really missing many dyes on gtn right now, especially dark gray and black :[


Or perhaps a cc-paid dye extraction feature?

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