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Looking For a High-End PVE guild! [ pref.: Hungarian speaking ]


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I have been away for a long time, just came back 2 weeks ago and I have decided to find a High-End PVE guild, since my old teammates left the game.....


Republic or Empire guild, it doesnt matter !!


So...In a nutshell:


What kind of guild I need:

- 8 Men

- High-End PVE progress [ DF / DP 4/5 NiM atl. ]

- Fix Raid Days at fix time [ min 3~ / week ; pref.: 8~ PM ]

- Alt Raids [ pref. ]

- HUNGARIAN speaking [ pref. ]


Who I am, what I can offer:

Exp: I have only played in DF / DP cont. as a progress oriented player [Tank & Healer ] and I have managed to clear:

5/5 DF HM on 10/20/2013

5/5 DP HM on 10/27/2013

2/5 DF NiM on 04/08/2014 [ that was the point where we stopped raiding, ]


I can take on 4-5~ raid nights / week

I can play with Jugg/Guardian Tank, Assa/Shadow Tank or DD, Sage/Sorc/Commando/Merc/Op/Scound. healer!

I dont have any NiM rdy gear on this server, because I am playing on ToFN, but I couldnt find a guild there so....I have to look around here


I think thats all, If you guys want to recruit me or need more info about me, leave a post here!

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I'm going to write in hungarian as the OP is hungarian as well.



Nem tudom sikerült-e már találnod guildet, de mi (The Edge 4/5 4/5 Nim DF/DP) járunk. Ha gondolod játékon belül írj, vagy írok Én, és megbeszélhetjük a dolgokat. Egyébként Rep oldalon vagyunk.




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