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(APAC) Assassin Tank Looking For Nim Raid Group/Guild (E)


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Hi all, returning player currently looking for a progression raiding guild (16 man preferably but will do 8 man) Imp Side.

Assassin is geared in 180's/186's (Can also use my juggernaut if need be)


Ops Achievements:

Pre 2.0:

Ev Nim 5/5

Kp Nim 5/5

Ec Nim 4/4


Post 2.0:

Hm TFB 5/5

Hm SandV 7/7

Nim TFB 3/5

Hm DF 5/5

Hm DP 5/5

Nim DF 4/5 (Pre Nerf)


Haven't yet had a chance to enter Nim DP as I left the game just before 2.8

Mainly interested in returning to complete Nim SandV/TFB before returning to DF/DP to get the achievements/titles.

Can only raid 1-2 days a week (APAC or late night PST) at the moment but will be able to expand that to 2-3 within the next month.

Thanks for reading :)


Edit: Can also use Guardian tank if any pub-side guild has offers.

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