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DPS looking for NiM raiding guild


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I've been playing SWTOR since about a month after launch but seriously focused on end game raiding a little over a year ago. I'm looking for a republic guild that does end game progression content in which I can contribute to as much as possible. A weekend group is by far the most desirable, as I work long hours during the week.


Currently in my republic arsenal, I have 10 55s all ready for nightmare raiding, with a level 52 scoundrel healer still cooking. I have ranged DPS, melee DPS, tanks, and heals. I primarily main a sage, which parsing last time on a dummy with armoring debuff and 1mil health parsed 3.8k in 4:22, but I can play every class and almost every spec. (Focus still eludes me, but I'm working on it!). A majority, if not all, of my 55 characters are fully optimized and augmented 180s, with a couple of 186 pieces scattered mainly on my sages. I learn mechanics very quickly and have been complimented many times on my high raid awareness and quick reaction times.


I have a resume of past guilds I've been in during my time in game for those who are interested. But as for my current raiding status and achievements, I'll start from the bottom up.


Eternity Vault: SM/HM/NIM 8/16, plus title.

Karagga's Palace: SM/HM/NIM 8/16, plus title.

Explosive Conflict: SM/HM/NIM 8, some 16, plus title.

Terror From Beyond: SM/HM/NIM 8m, some 16. Missing title.

Scum and Villiany: SM/HM/NIM 8m, most 16. Missing title.

Dread Fortress: SM/HM 8/16. NIM currently 4/5 for 8m. Missing title.

Dread Palace: SM/HM 8/16. No current experience in NIM. Missing title.

Dread Slayer

Hateful Entity experience

Experienced Raptus Kiter

(And that's just the operations tab in legacy. )


Specs I'm proficient in:






Kinetic Combat



Saw bones


Dirty fighting


Dirty fighting

Field medic



Shield specialist




Specs I'm knowledgable in but need improvement:

Defense (I haven't tanked on my guardian in forever!)





Thanks so much for your time!

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