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LF late night raiding group/guild


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I am an experienced player in my 30s that works in restaurants. This obviously means that 5 to 7 days a week i'm at work during just about every guilds evening/night raids. I'm hoping to find a guild or just a group of players that are active around 11p to 2a or 3a mountain time. (not trying to be insulting but that's 2 hours behind eastern and 1 hour ahead of pacific.) I have 5 pub side 55s. A dps spec'd guardian that is decently geared, and has a good set of tank gear. And i'm working on a scoundrel healer atm. I have 4 Imp 55s, that I would need to do a little bit of work on. If you are interested in a late night group or forming a guild (why not right?) hit me up here or in game mail to kais, kaisthief, or kaisoops. (my most active toons)




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