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Is Imperial pvp on pot5 still in a dire state? (Solo ranked)


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Just curious because playing on the bastion has been a new level of ******.


At any given time there are AT LEAST 3-4 super-bads who roll around either throwing matches or being completely useless. And the trolls, dear god the trolls. So many of them.


80% of all arenas involve two people ************ at each other over some stupid thing, then one person either quitting or doing 0 damage/healing on purpose. This is only a slight exaggeration.


I once saw a healer run in second round and /stuck it because one of the players said, "play better". The same healer quits every arena he/she thinks isn't guaranteed victory.



Idk if it has something to do with west coast people or what, but some of the people on the bastion are just about the worst kinds of people i've ever met.


It's a slop fest of pvp. Say what you want about pot5 and the queue syncers, but it was no where near this bad.

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