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Achievement Titles not working for 90+ days


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so this has been going on for 3 months now, I have reported the bug after every patch and to CS who gives me the TS cookie cutter response. one quarter of a year now I have not been able to receive Titles. The main one that took my notice was the Galactic Datacron Master. I have all the Emperial Datacrons and went back with my republic toon to finish them out. I would get all datacrons on Balmorra, Coruscant and Taris but not the titles for each of the planets collection of Datacrons. If you look at the planetary codex for each planet it shows i have all the datacrons for that planet however it never gave me the title for collecting them. I then even checked the Datacron codex to see all the entries that corresponding to these datacrons is also in my codex, but still not titles for them. So with out the titles the Datacron Master title will never trigger. I started to get this for the items that goes in your home but I am SOL as nothing is being done about and it is not even being acknowledged at this point.


I then started to look to see what other titles I do not get credit for. One easy one to check is 'The Wealthy'. I have my main toon with over 12 million credits on his person alone, and yet I did not get the title. The requirements are 10 million on your person so I more than , meet that.


I would just like some basic customer service from this company; and to at the very least take some ownership of your faults and look into it. Yet no DEV will say anything about this and I assume each trouble ticket goes right into the trash as they are closed as soon as a rep gets it. And I have only gotten 1 response from the bugreport they did not mention the issue but basicly said thanks for the info, and closed it.


Now with a small expansion that they plan to release and charge us for; I can only feel like since I do not get titles now that I will not get them when this content comes out. I have been with this game since closed beta and a subscriber for most of that time. The money amounts don't bother me but now it feels I do not even get the most basic of support out of this game. For the most part the devs only comment on messages that seem to say what a great job that they do; more recently they will be cleaning up the customer service forum as they more than likely are tired of all the post that sk for help with no real reponses on the only people pointing out their shortcomings.

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