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"Being a Mandalorian Sith" by Tanceley Fett; Retrieved by Darth Alargus, Dark Lord:


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The following text is a scripted form of three fragments from the holo recorded journal of Tanceley Fett, a mandalorian warrior of the Cold War who struck down at the republic with both the training of the Mandalore culture as well as the Sith.

This piece was retrieved and translated by Dark Council member himself, Darth Alargus, Head of the Pyramid of Ancient Knowledge.

3653 BBY; Sith Academy; Korriban, Record 1

"First Month at the Academy. It feels only like it was a century ago since Overseer Tremel messaged my parents that holo-frequency. And perhaps it was, I've heard that the dar'jetii, or maybe just the Emperor, could make people fall asleep for an eternity and never wake up. Or maybe it was all just a bunch of rubbish they told us on Mandalore to make children fear force-users. Well, I've tasted the force, the Dark Side felt good, but I tried the Light Side as well, it also felt good. Jetii'kot felt good!" Record end

3653 BBY; Sith Academy; Korriban, Record 6

"Second Month at the Academy. Overseer Tremel has taught me much of the Sith, told me the Code once, but I forgot quickly what it means. I was thinking about recording it later. But it had gone through my mind lately. I was born a mandalorian, trained as one for years until I was twenty. Then the Sith came and made me go to Korriban. Mother cried, Father didn't, he wasn't surprised I was force sensitive. It was just like my brother, Avickik. My little brother whom I only saw as a day old babe being taken away by the Jedi my parents made a deal with. What that deal was is a mystery to me and my older brother. But what do I do now? Do I embrace the teachings, the culture and ways of the dar'jetii? Or do I keep with the Mandalorian culture which is my true birthright? Many other acolytes have asked me a lot about myself, about my culture. I was glad to share pieces of history to them. But now I'm unsure what my true self lies; with Sith or Mandalorian? Both? Whatever I become it shall not be a dar'manda" Record end

3653 BBY; Sith Academy; Korriban, Record 11

"Third Month at the Academy. Now it really do feel like a habit to record my journal. I mentioned in my previous record how a Pureblood girl, the cute one, Al'reas, the first woman I called cyare. She wondered if I had truly asimilated into the dar'jetii. I didn't know how to answer that at first. But now I know that I shall integrate the two. I shall be a Mandalorian Sith. Never thought it was possible for a Mandalorian to become Sith, a force-user in general. I guess me and my brother will be the first two. I hope at least he will share it with me. But I shall tell now how I work, how I shall integrate my cultures, the Sith Code with the Resol'nare. First off, The Sith Code: From what Darth Baras has explained it teaches you how to gather strength. Strength is an important part of the Mandalorian culture, if we aren't strong then how are we suppose to protect ourselves and our honor? To do what is neccesary to protect and to bring fortune to family and clan; that is a lot like the Resol'nare. 'My chains are broken, the force shall set me free'. If I understood that quote correctly I should have the freedom of being able to choose my own culture. I shouldn't be bound to a Master, nor an Emperor for that matter, I should be able to choose whether I want a leader, and who this leader might be. I choose Mandalore, another part of the Resol'nare that tells how I become bound to rally beside him when he calls for war. In fact, I don't think I need to tell anymore about the Sith Code, for it only tells you how you become stronger through your passions, and how strength lead to your individual freedom. If that is so then I should be able to choose the Resol'nare code and still follow the Sith Code. But then there is more to the Resol'nare than to rally behind Mandalore and protect yourself and everything you love. Minor things if you ask me, but highly conservative things, like speaking the language and raising your children to be mandalorian and wearing armor. The language is something I know, and I can do that easily. My children is a fact in the future, not sure I will get any. About wearing armor, I guess I will need to find a Mandalorian Smith and buy some beskar'gan. Anyways I know how I am now, I know how I can become a dar'jetii without breaking the Resol'nare. I hope this Journal can come out to the Mandalorians who can use the jetii'kot. Protect yourself, your loved ones, your clan. Be loyal to Mandalore before all other of your allegiances. Wear the armor, know and speak the language, and raise your children the same way. The Sith code allows all of this, for you are not bound! Fellow Mandalorians, you are not bound by chains, you are bound by your will, for it is you who chose the path of honor, it is you who chose to follow Mandalore. We are Mando'ad! We choose this for it is our freedom!" Record end


Comments of Darth Alargus:

Three inspiring pieces indeed, I enjoyed listening to Tanceley's philosophy on how the Mandalorians could be Sith while serving Mandalore. I took note of how he himself used the Mando'a language some times while struggling to speak Basic. You don't see that of course, because I've translated most of it. Some words though, out of pure respect I've left un attended. Words such as "dar'jetii" or "dar'manda" or "cyare" and "Mando'ad". Dar'jetii I know is meant as Sith, for it is aliteral meaning of "not Jedi", and "dar'manda" is soul-less, without honor, the list of meaning is eternal. But enough of translations, though I took note of the word "jetii'kot" which I hadn't heard befor, my theory says that it is his version of saying The Force in Mandalorian. Though only said it twice in Mando'a.

Anyways, the teachings of this acolyte, or rather Darth now, tells a much wise code of honor that he has followed since his training begun. The fact that we only managed to retrieve three fragments of his entire journal is sad, but still marvelous we found the recording of his first and last months as an acolyte, while he meanwhile had figured out a Mando-sith philosophy. You who is reading this have no idea how much I want to make this public. Alas, I must call forth the Dark Council before that.

Darth Alargus

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