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Petition: More Hooks for Guild Flagship!


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Guild Flagships are great, we love decorating ours. But I have a serious gripe - we either have to have a bunch of basically completely empty rooms, or have everything mega spaced out because a limit of 700 hooks for something as massive as the flagship is lunacy.

I know the same can be said for Tatooine too - but these flagships are enormous with huge decorating potential, I don't think it sounds completely unreasonable to say a 700 limit is half of what it could, or should be.

Right now, we either have 6-7 rooms really well decorated (not cluttered at all) and the rest of the rooms empty, or all room decorations stupidly spread out and barren looking. There is a ludicrous amount of hooks to use too.

I think 1,400 hook limit would be ideal. Of course we could use more, but I don't feel we're asking too much to ask at least another 500-700 hooks for flagships, it isn't unreasonable if you really want us to take pride in our ships and spend the effort to them, cause right now it feels pointless cause of the way over the top restrictions.


Any comment from Bioware on this, please?

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