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Scoundrel at low levels - how do you play?


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I am trying to play Sawbones - no, I am not 12xXP'ing. I am co-playing with a Shadow tank.


I find that I end up running too much trying to get into a backstabbing position and doing too little. Then, I am in a melee range, I have a kick and a whip, but my heals are all channeled. Fights go fast, so at best I can kick and whip, and well, if I am lucky actually do a backstab. I manage to squeeze off a heal so rarely the keybinds don't feel natural.


I am level 20 now, and the class feels very strange to me. So, I am looking for tips on...


1. how do you position for a backstabb? Do you walk through the enemy while the tank holds aggro then turn and stabb?

Or do you try to be behind him in stealth before the fight? Normally they detect me when I come close. Should I use sleeping dart as soon as I can, then get behind, then backstabb?


2. Healing. Just wait till the battles get longer to even try or till I get HoTs?


3. I really want to go into wz's or an FP with him, but seeing how clunky healing is at L20, is the role even feasible in a higher stakes games till mid-30'ies? In, say, Hammer or Athiss, does Scoundrel's channeled heals and no bubbles keep up with the damage done? Or should he be doing something else (sleeping dart?)


Should I keep him on low levels till the Disciplines come along and he can actually be the healer?

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I usually let the tank keep the enemy occupied, throw a vital shot into the enemy and heal the tank.


The smuggler attacks (charged burst, sabotage charge, etc) are still useful for more dps, just watch your energy.


I usually am not detected before using backshot as an opener, but I spent skill points on the scrapper tree to get the extra stealth/movement. Otherwise, run behind the enemy while it's focused on the tank and blast away, or use dirty kick and then run behind them and blast away.

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Okay, thank you. So, just use the backblast casually rather than the main attack? Do I understand correctly, and later on, I will be able to stealth in and out while in the fighting?


No, you can't stealth in during a fight. Disappearing act will end combat.


Backblast is useful, but do remember the basic smuggler abilities, they can help. (Embarassingly, my first character was a scoundrel and I got her up to Alderaan before I noticed I could use backblast outside of stealth.) :o

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