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Seeking a Green Matrix Datacron (Taris) Helper!


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So, after much swearing, throwing my toys out of the pram and walking away from the game - I've collected each and every datacron.....with one exception, the Green Matrix Datacron in the Abandoned Power Plant on Taris.


As you can imagine being so close, yet so far from an achievement (and some nice decor) is a right royal......

So, after failing to garner the help I require on Taris, I come to the forums.

Currently, due to illness, I find myself playing most days throughout the day (so I can be found almost anytime between 10:00am - 5:00pm UK time),


If anyone fancies sending me a whisper in game (Zandrari) or wants to let me know their name so I can send one to you that would be appreciated.

I'm a sage, so pulling you up to the datacron once I've reached it (or if you are the same and want to pull me up, that's fine too) means we'll both get to tick it off the list.



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