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Assault on Tython (Imperial)


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Having the 'finish the FP' button in a different room from the final boss has made me and other group members drop group and QT out before we actually finish the FP. This is the only FP which requires the extra step of going to an entirely separate space to finish the mission. Would it be possible to either move the completion button to the final boss room, or have a popup notice that the FP is not yet complete before we QT out?
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There's a pop-up notice to let you know that you've finished. If you're in such a rush that you let your impatience blind you to the fact that you've not finished and gotten your commendations for completion, and you quit the group/exit before you do? Then you deserve to have it happen to you. And FYI? It's the same layout on pub side. Please don't waste our time and the devs' time with things like this just because you're too lazy or stupid to move thirty paces to another room to click a console.


And FYI? Assault on Tython isn't the first flashpoint where they've required you to go to a completely different area to finish after the last boss dies. Other flashpoints that fall into this category?


- Kaon Under Siege

- The Esseles

- Black Talon

- Czerka Labs

- Maelstrom Prison


You get the point now, yes? Just don't be lazy, don't be stupid and don't be impatient. Just take the extra ten seconds after getting the loot from last boss to move to the end of the flashpoint.

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