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advance strategy for warzone ----> if any please do contribute here


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hello boys


i joined PVP when 8 vs 8 ranked warzone was remove so even i like arena , the warzone seem more fun due not only it is death match but strategy involved


ok for warzone now what is the best strats here


Voidstar : standard tactic here is zerg on one side and other on the other side , or we should just all goto either side so it would be 7 vs 8 and we can kill faster?


Novare coast : all mid , 1 goto cap ours --> basic strat any other strat ?


hypergate : standard start 1 goto pylon other go mid, or sometime i see 1 zerg goto pylon to wait opportunity to steath cap


alderaan civil war : 1 cap other go mid, i have seen 2 go to our and 6 goto get snow/grass


any feedback is appreciated to better learn the warzone , what would those days (ranked 8 vs 8) did?

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