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Taking Strongholds & Decorations One Step Further


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I absolutely love GSH content (even if it does constantly sap my credits XD) but the one thing I think we could do to make it even better is this: make our decorations interactive. Don't just have them be pretty, allow us to actually use them! A few examples:


- Being able to climb into a kolto tank and be suspended

- Sit at computer desks and look like we're using the console

- Drive around on speeders/animal mounts that are on display in the stronghold (even if we're visiting somebody else's and it's a speeder that the player doesn't have? So long as they're in the stronghold what's the harm?)

- Turrets can be manned and fired


All of these suggestions plus numerous others that I didn't list would just make these decorations sooooooooo much more fun to collect and place beyond how good they look. It would also be a tremendous boon to the RP community!

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