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Republic and imperial walker decos.


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No it says you can only get it from the cartel market, and i wanted to know where to get it since i havent seen one yet. :/

Its some weird three legged big decoration.


Ah, my mistake. Seeing as I don't think it's in the most recent pack, possibly it will be in the Architect’s Stronghold Pack, which should be the next one to be released.


Also possible they would sell it separately on the CM similar to the decoration packs.

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I actually just unlocked the rebublic walkers from a gold decoration singular item pack - however, I cannot locate it or even use it under any decoration node in my home! I unlocked it yet it remains like I never had it... why cant I use iiiiit!! :/

I believe it goes in a Starship or Centerpiece hook. That may be why you can't place it anywhere.


That, or its bugged for some reason, which wouldn't surprise me.

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