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I need a new Video card


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So heres what i got


Asus Motherboard - P5KC http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/Intel_Socket_775/P5KC/#specifications

Power Supply - 550 Watts

Intel® Core Duo CPU E6750 @ 2.66 GHz 2.66 GHZ

Installed memory (RAM) 4.0 GB(3.25GB usable)

System Type 32-Bit Operating System


Expansion Slots 2 x PCIe x16 (blue @ x16 mode, black @ x4 or x1 mode) Supports CrossFire Technology

1 x PCIe x1

3 x PCI



Im not sure on how to tell what video card i can get... I know this mobo is old, but i did have a BFG 9800 GTX+. And now i have an ati Radeon X1650 Series(I find this video card was sooo much smother while watching videos on my computer, but while trying to play the game, it was soooooo slow. But that 9800 was working great. But would like to go with the best i can at this point, as im sure the highest price for the best video card i can use will probably only cost like $100 from http://www.tigerdirect.ca/applications/Category/guidedSearch.asp?CatId=28&sel=Detail%3B55_158_13067_13067







Edited for specs

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Without knowing more about your pc, I would suggest something like an AMD 6850. It is as close as you can get to a current gen card for the least amount of Watts needed. You can normally find them with deals for about $130 or so. Buying a video card to use for gaming that is under 100 dollars is hardly worth it these days. All the nvidia cards under 100 are generally just re-branded geforce 8800s with some added features like hdcp and hardware video decoding for hd video playback. The actual gaming cards generally just get discontinued.


The 775 slot had a huge range of cpu's so that doesn't limit it much. If you had something like the popular q6600 then you can put anything up to a about a nvidia 570gt before the cpu starts being a limiting factor.


If you actually want a card that might last awhile. The geforce 560 ti or the amd 6950 would be decent choices. Both of those are going to require a decent power supply though. Generally if you got a factory built pc they probably put in the lowest that would support the shipped components.


That said. It is probably a bad time to buy a video card. AMD and Nvidia are both going to a 28nm process in Q1 2012. With the high end cards out in January and the mid/low range later. If nothing else it should drop the prices on the current lineups. The high end should see a significant upgrade in performance and the mid/low end should see a good drop in power required.

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GTX 460 reg 159.00 -10.00 instant saveings=149.99, Ide call Tiger Dir.

Ask about compatability w/ your mother board.


Minimum PSU Wattage Requirement: 450 Watt


was quick suggestion, if u research you might get better thats under 550 watt, between 100-200 bucks, dont know though.


GTX 460 was Interface Type: PCI Express 2.0


I would talk to a Tiger Direct rep and ask whats the best you can get and whats compatable. Never mind my post.

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i'd recommend getting a used video card on ebay to save a lot of money. Find one that comes with a life-time warranty. xfx cards come with a double life-time warranty, meaning the life time warranty can extend over to another buyer of the card.
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My vote is for a 6850 everytime i see someone wanting the best card for 100 bucks. Yes, its a little more, but the bang for the buck on this card is unbeatable currently. A GTX 550Ti is the similal nvidia card on the price point, but I feel its performance is inferior after reading reviews and many benchmarks.


I am hesitant to recommend the 6xxx series cards however after so many people experiencing problems with swtor currently. Yours may run just fine if some of the software for the game is tweaked in upcoming patches. Also, your problem may not solely be video card related as your processor or bus could be bottlenecking you.

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Everyone talking about upgrading their video card please check your power supply output. This generation of vid cards pulls a lot of power and you need to have 600w at least to run your entire system efficiently.



You are correct, mostly. You can pick up a Radeon 6850 and, with a good 450w or decent 550w power supply, you will be just fine. Really, if you plan to game for a few hours at a time, I suggest 650 watts. Overkill? Yes. But there is not as much stress as there would be on a 450w, and very little in the way of price difference. You can find tools to DL that will assist you in knowing what you really need. Honestly though, unless you plan to spend 550.00+ on a high end power hungry video card, and are running the latest processors, 2 or 3 drives, 2 optical drives, and ect., you should have no reason to get above 650w.


As for what video card, I will toss my hat in for the Radeon 6870. Nice bang for the buck. You can pick one up for 160.00 on newegg. Personally, I purchased the 6950 for 240.00. There is a fairly significant bump in performance between the 6800 series and 6900 series.

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