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The new armor for Shadows of Revan


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Well, I think its pretty safe to say the new tier sets will be pretty good, except for random parts that ruin each and every set, so they can then do Cartel Market versions of them fixed.


They could have done that with

armor set but they didn't.


We still got this instead. Crap.


Far easier to take a model, change its dye and leave it as it is.


Also charging 600 CC for Collections-wide unlock. :rolleyes:

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I'm hoping the trooper has at least one chest with some ammo pouches, armored shoulder pads, and a Kama. So far, every chest developed has at most 2 of the 3. It's really ridiculous with the one chest that has the ammo pouches and kama, and has no armor at all on the arms of the piece.
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i'm pretty sure revan's armor will get a make over... or perhaps, they will introduce revan's shadow armor like they did with malak. I'm also pretty sure if a new revan armor set comes out it will be super rare and just as expansive as the current set.


Revan already has an updated look, it's in all the media. It's unlikely that the updated Revan look won't be made available at some point.

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Here's the recommended dev team workflow for creating new armour sets:


Step One

Make a nice set of armour most people like the appearance of.


Step Two

Add an extra feature from the following list:

* Giant shoulder pads

* Huge boxy backpack

* Impractical helm adornment

* Superfluous butt flap

* Ridiculously oversized boots

* Clumsy glove attachments


Step Three

As a finishing touch don't forget to add large panels of tertiary colour that don't respond to dye and are coloured so as to clash with most available dyes.

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