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Using "light side sabers" as a full on dark sider is needed


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I myself am playing a Sith warrior at the moment. Im trying to be as evil as I can be, since I want to be like a "Sith assassin" with dual wielding blades. The problem is, I want to be able to have a green and a blue lightsaber as a dark side Sith. General Grevious had them, and he was pure evil.


Now you may think, "this goes against the class differences, the enemy will think youre a good sider when you attack them, confusing everyone". I can see why you would think like this, but check this out:


You can have a blue and a green lightsaber as a Sith. As long as youre neutral / light side. Therefore, if you are neutral or light side, the enemies will be confused also, and the need for "not having green or blue sabers above dark 1" is now redundant. There is no real need for it, exept it makes it more "realistic" (even tho some dark side Sith had light side sabers).

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