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Pub player looking to start again !


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Hello Harbrigner ! My in game name is Torakul and I have been playing star wars from release to about 2 months into rise of the hutt cartell. Now I am back and in full force. I am looking for a west / mountain time zone guild that dose it all but at a casual level.


My requirement are:



west / mountain time zone

at least 1-2 raid night not requiring 100% presence

a voice communication system

website / forum

and... at least 10 members active during normal / peak hours.


As for me i do have experience in raiding normal hard and NiM content and also in many other games.


I have a scoundrel in the makings (lvl 46), vanguard 55, sage 55, and sentinel 55. Once my scoundrrrel is leveled i will make 1 imp side char just for fun.


I mainly now run warzones and do daily FP and quests.


If you want to know more about me or a guild is interested in inviting me. please message me on the forums or in game @ first-kolto'kit or torakul.


thank you for taking the time to read this.

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Just a fyi. All my lvl 55 are geared to run the latest content. So I dont have much catching up to do and/or a burden to gear up. I also have all profession covered with end game plans.


Hoping that it will attract some more people.


Thanks again for looking into this post.

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