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Dark/Light points [Possible spoilers to new infiltrators]


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first of all love the game.


Second, i've ticketted the help and tried asking but some people feel the same as me lol.


now dark and light, i get it and ive seen the rewards.


when it comes to commendation stuff, if you have an alignment then you get some damn good stuff but my question is:


Do you have to ?


From a roleplaying perspective its good and bad, whats good for the game might not be good for your points lol.


for example:

Hutta mission to bomb some eels, and you're an imperial spy, naturally you're there to do the best for the empire.


A man offers you credits to kill some eels, however when you go to do it another man who works for the empire will tell you he needs the eels to barter some medical supplies to help the empire.


credits = dark

empire help = light


Is it required to be either good or bad or can you remain neutral? naturally diplomacy can help in some small way but .... only in drabs like 5 dark or light every 6 minute mission where as one choice can take off between 50-100 points lol


thanks in advance

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