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Suggection - Hold Up/Down Option


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In true Starwars way i don't see why, SWTOR has yet to made a option where if you wearing hooded armor, that you ain't able to slide the hood backwards or pull it upwards to cover your head with the cowl. They even made it in some robes that you need to buy the other one in order to get the hood or non-cowl/hood.


I say it's time we have the Hood Option to pull it up and open if you want to talk to allies without covering your eyes, at the same time pulling it down for your boss fights when you wanna have a epic moment. (Similar to Anakin Skywalker as "Darth Vader" killing the where he was to kill the Separatist Council for example.)


My point being, it's time we have hoods being able to be used or not used and a little animation to show you're person sliding the hood backwards to show your face, or pulling it up to cover your face depending on moments.


So i humbly ask SWTOR and the fans to get this together so we may enjoy, SWTOR even more then we do.

Thank you. For more Details go to http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=2198&page=1&pp=10

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... You're asking for Hood Toggle. Please use search before making a new thread. I swear we just had a hood toggle thread the other day.


We want it, BW says "maybe someday" type things. Sorry to rain on your parade.


Sorry... but i just wanna make one a extra one so that way perhaps the SWTOR people will see it and hopefully take our idea. Also i put a link to the one you're referring to..

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