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Empire: Visions is recruiting nightmare ready players.


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After a long break Visions has returned to SWTOR and are currently trying to rebuild our nightmare team. We left the game when DF/DP HM was current content and had it on farm. With nightmare taking so long to come out we decided to have a break until more content came out.


We are currently recruiting for our nightmare team to progress rather quickly through DF/DP before the new expansion hits and then to continue on.



A bit of back ground and raiding times:

We are an experienced 8 Man Operations-focused PVE guild in the SWTOR community and we are looking for skilled, dedicated players to join us. We are a Pre launch guild that has weathered Server Transfers, Bioware in all its wisdom and Core Dedicated friends quitting the game. As we complete our 8-man progression we intend to find the best players possible to grow within our core Team.


Progression is very important to us but so is the social aspect of the guild. Progressions nothing if you have nobody to joke with on TS3.


We are looking for new Members of all classes, be it as a social member - looking for people to play/chat with while doing dailies/levelling and no requirement to raid, or to bolster our raiding lineup. Gear level isn't essential if you would like to join as a raider, but the less gearing up we need to do the better!


Progression Operation nights:-

Wednesday 8 - 10:30 PM GMT +1

Thursday 8 - 10:30 PM GMT +1

Sunday 8 - 10:30 PM GMT +1


On off nights TS is still busy with PVP, Flashpoints SM/HM alt runs and general stupidity, we cant help it.


We are currently recruiting a ranged DPS for our core team - Merc/Sorc preferred. While we are not fussy about gear normally, we would like applicants to be geared in at least 180 and know the basic tactics (nightmare tatics is a bonus)


We are also recruiting a tank for our core team come the expansion - PT/Jugger preferred.


All Exceptional Applications will be considered.


http://torvision.enjin.com/home to apply for the nightmare team, Social just needs to whisper an officer for an invite.


Thank you for reading and look forward to seeing you in game.



nightmare team coming back need a ranged dps :rak_03:

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