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Shop-owners, Guild-conquest raids


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I posted in the general on an idea about adding shop-owners. I think if done right, you would be able to look up any shop-owner from a directory, see a list of goods they provide, and make your purchase.


I think the cartel market could furnish shop-owners the supplies they need to keep going. As is I have to buy a new speeder from the market. I think you would see more long term players that owned a shop.


I will use my speeder bike shop as an example. I buy the shop for 5,000 coins. Depending on if the guild owns the shop, or own it.


If I own it, I could then purchase a level one salesman, a level one speeder mechanic, a level one advertisement kit, a level one parts kit, a level one dye pack kit. I would be able to list my shop, display my products by clicking on them and adding them to advertisement or detailed list. The level one salesman would return a small amount of coin, level two a bit more, etc.... The mechanic would be able to add level one exhaust system to bikes, a level two mechanic.......


Depending on how this is done an average subscriber would still get their 500 cartel coins each month and that should give them enough supply to keep their shop going. If they want to improve it, then they save up and get a level two salesman, level two mechanic etc.....


If the guild owns the shop, and run a planet conquest or sector conquest, then they host a racing event. The items sold at the racing event would depend on the guild, and what shop-owners or craftsmen they have.


What it does to the current gtn, is allow a player to walk up, look at the directory, and select a shop. Not sure if they can travel to it or not. But it would make searching a lot easier. It would also give f2p more incentive to subscribe. In my opinion if I could travel to someones shop, check it out, I would start thinking about subscribing, or even just going to check out some custom bikes. Alternativly, the shop would just be added to the stronghold, and sold from the gtn


Ideas for shops/events


Bike shop........Speeder races




but basically the idea is either to have guilds conquer a sector, and host an event. When this happens, all guild-members gain coin, xp, etc.....

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