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PVP Server population extremely low


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Is there any plans to combine the three low pop US PVP servers? Reason one...I can walk around Hoth or Tatooine without ever bumping into enemy players now. I barely see them. I remember the beginning and the days when there were always threats of running into other players. Look that is why I and most players choose to have toons on PVP servers. For that adrenaline rush. Right now the PVP servers are like PVE servers. Only time to play against players is in warzones. That leads to the second reason, even for warzones, I usually wait over an hour just for a match. Come on really? I understand time zones can play a factor, but it would be nice to have one big semi-busy PVP server for any and all time zones in the US, East to West to Hawaii, rather than three empty ones...PLEASE.
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