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LF PvE Guild Imp/Pub HM/NIM Ops


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I am on the ebon hawk looking for a pve guild that runs HM & NiM DF/DP


I have a Sage (Buddabelly) & Sorcerer (Buddhabelly) healer that is geared and ready for NIM. Also have a dps set for them working on getting set bonuses still for the dps set.

I have a sent (Ataixa) & mara (Ataìxa) both very well geared prob can can NiM if not most def HM i parse 3.1k-3.2k on them

I am 9/10 HM DF/DP 1/5 DF NiM

I do not RP but i also dont have a prob with ppl RPing around me.

feel free to PM me in game or post to this

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