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A full size $55 expansion


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1:Increase the class stories (there are several ideas for a new chapter rather easily)

Inq: Your old master escapes the brain box (or Khem does depending on who you chose). Warrior: Aiding the Emperor in getting a new body.Bounty Hunter: Dealing with the split among Mandalorians that Revan reappearing caused. Agent: Dealing with the updated SIS issue with Theran Shan running it. Knight: Finding out the Emperors guard is hunting him, Consular: Dealing with the Czerkas other projects similar to the Vigilant except they are force users.Smuggler: Dealing with a crime cartel (pick one) attempting to destroy your pirate confederacy Trooper: Dealing with a new batch of Imperial special forces as lethal and dangerous as Havok Squad.


2:Set up a neutral faction of BH and Smugglers so you have to pick a side(pub or imp). It really doesnt change the majority of the story,mostly just who you report to and a few other things. With a few changes this is EASILY viable.

3:Admittedly this would take some work. Make SIS agent and Imperial Soldier with full class stories. Still it wouldnt be all that difficult setting a plot similar but different to their counterparts.

4:Three new planets. 1 for each faction and a neutral that both could use. Put housing on them.

5:At least 2 pvp maps (8v8) actually relevant to the current storyline,like was done with the original game at launch.

6:Flashpoints and Operations:4 Flashpoints and 1 to 2 Ops dealing with the current storyline.

7:Some basic pve GSF missions launchable from the new planets. This will give people who do not handle the steep learning curve of GSF PVP well a chance to learn to fly and target moving objects which the tutorial does not do.

8:Start opening up interior storylines rather than just exterior storylines. Get into the seedy underbelly of Coruscant and the decadence of Dromond Kass. Jedi do not always deal with Sith,Troopers do not always deal with the Empire,Smugglers are not always pirates that deal with their ships. Makeb showed that much.


These are ideas we have kicked around on fleet or in voice among guild mates and people we associate with in game. I am certain there are others. Bioware excels at storytelling. Give us more of a story. Most of us would pay $55 for an expansion like this rather than $20 for an expansion that is far less than what we as players want. We are not just players,but also your customers. And please dont tell me the division cannot handle it financially. Its public knowledge that the division made over $130 mil last fiscal year. Doing an expansion like this would increase people in all of the areas and potentially draw new customers in. We are gamers not storytellers. But if we can come up with the list I just made then you can use that list (please feel free) or come up with something better. It isnt like this wouldnt address about 80% of the complaints in the forums concerning the game. It also might make several of the people who left that were subscribers come back. Something to think about.

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