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When is the next Rakghoul event?


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Stupid weekly cap kept me, and others, from getting our mounts at the EVENT vendor, the only one there is for mounts so, I am waiting for this event to return to spend my event rewards. This so totally shows the problem with weekly caps for reputation. At LEAST have a vendor that one can purchase the event specific rewards... ugh. Utter FAIL in my opinion, much like keeping DNA for a year after the last Rakghoul event... hope we don't have to wait a YEAR for the next one... prob will though.
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I was wondering when the next Rakghoul Event was.

Would be easier to find out if the site would have a calendar.

The official word is always "the Rakgoul Plague has been completely eradicated. There is no danger of another outbreak." Even when they detailed the dates for all the other Events during the summer they left the Rak Event off the schedule and had it launch unannounced.



Unofficially, it's coming out the last week of this month- starting two weeks from today


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Conquest Schedule (taken from swtor_miner’s post)


All conquest events starts at 8 am EST


Oct 14-20 – Total Galactic War

Oct 21-27 – Titans of Industry

Oct 28- Nov 3 – Rakghoul Resurgence: Corellia

Nov 4 – Clash in Hyperspace



I thought it was next week, but week after. Dang it! lolz Oh well...soon enough.

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