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Fluffier (REP) and Fluffy (IMP) Bunnies - Recruitment


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Fluffier and Fluffy Bunnies are recruiting new members. We are a newly founded guild with an active member base. We have the usual XP and Rep bonus as well as a Guildship and stronghold. We have experienced members for both PvE endgame content and PvP content, and we are happy to help and guide new or old players.


We are currently looking for more players to form our PvE and PvP groups. And for players that want to join us for conquest. We also welcome any and all socials that just want to hang out and feel like a bunny.


Feel free to visit us at our website: http://fluffybunn.enjin.com/


Contact Hatheus, Drec'mauler, Ainlala or Hiie in game.


PS: Fluffier Bunnies is very much a work in progress guild due to our mains being on the Sith Empire faction, so if you fancy joining Fluffier Bunnies, please let us know via our website forum or contact the relevant people in game on their Empire characters.

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