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Rabbit's Better Crafting System


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Rabbit's Better Crafting System


The current crafting system feels irrelevant. More to the point, it makes Crafters feel irrelevant. If you want the best upgrades, you earn Comms from doing Operations in order to purchase pre-set equipment. Crafters can grind for these pieces in order to try and reverse-engineer them, but players are already doing it for themselves.


Here is what I suggest in order to make Crafters not just relevant, but imperative to the game.


There are four types of Components:






There are eighteen types of modification:
















Force Power




Tech Power



First, you assign Crafting Materials to each item with no overlap. For example, a Tier 1 Armor requires {Copper} and a Tier 1 Absorption modification requires {Quark Blood}. Nothing else will use those materials.


Next, you assign where these materials Drop. You do this by making normal equipment drops reverse-engineerable. Not to learn schematics, but to pull out materials. So if you see an item with Absorption on it, you can reverse-engineer it to try and get {Quark Blood}. This is for normal-level equipment. Obviously, the crafting materials needed to add Expertise to equipment would only be earned through doing PvP.


Operations and Flashpoints work like they do now, only with the new system. So they come in (for example) three Tiers, and each Tier has three levels. Like so:

Tier 1 (Like Black Talon)

==Tier 1a (Normal) Drops Tokens for Tier 2 Enhancements

==Tier 1b (Hard) Drops Tokens for Tier 2 Mods

==Tier 1c (Nightmare) Drops Tokens for Tier 2 Armor/Barrel


In this way, you must progress through Operations in order to gear up for the next Tier of Operations just like right now. But instead of buying pre-determined equipment with modifications you may not even want (like Alacrity if you don't build that way) you can instead build whatever layout you like. And since the equipment is only craftable, Crafters become imperative to the game.


Going through Operations will guarantee drops for everyone, just like everyone currently gets Comms. When you kill the Main Boss, everyone gets at least one Token for the Tier they've run through. You take these Tokens to the Equipment Vendor to get the appropriate crafting materiel for the equipment you want made, then you see a Crafter to have it built.


Schematics will drop based on current equipment drop rules. Thus, if you're an Armortech, you could get a Schematic for Armortech craftable stuff. Equipment will require lots of crafting. You'll need to have the armor/weapon crafted, then you'll need the implants crafted: Armor/Barrel, Mod, Enhancement. The implants require Schematics, but only for the empty item. For example, you could get a schematic to make a Tier 3 Enhancement, but the modifications it contains is determined by which crafting materials you use to make it.


If you have the Schematic for Tier 3 Armor, and crafting materials for Tier 3 Armor and Tier 3 Aim, then you would make the implant. It would be far more involved for Enhancements since they have three slots. But instead of having an Enhancement with, say, +10 Endurance, +10 Crit and +10 Surge, you could have one built with +30 Endurance. The choice would be entirely yours.


I also suggest we get rid of Augments since this system allows you to fully customize your equipment to your liking and playstyle. We only need to assign a specific amount of points to each equipment piece. So, for example, a Tier 1 Armor has 10 point that can be put into it, Tier 2 has 20 points, etc. In the above example, I used 30 points for the Enhancement and demonstrated how they could be split up.

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I don't see where your problem with the current system is, don't really understand what your system would look like and thus don't see the differences.


I think the current system is quite good, at least it works quite fine for me while levelling (although I think there are some skills that are more usefull than others - synthweaving, i.e., could use an overhaul)... and since I don't care about "endgame content" (since, from my point of view, it's simply boring) I don't know and don't really care in how far and how good the system works there.

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