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Unlocking (and awarding) of stacked items (decorations mostly) not working correctly.


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the stacking of items (especially decorations) has some ugly side effects:

In Operations - like TFB - the Decoration "Shielded Data Core" came up and I won the roll for it.

That's nice, but I got 2 of them. Don't get me wrong, I like a redundant data center in my stronghold, but for fairness reasons, the decorations should be awarded one each to the 2 highest rolls instead of both to the highest.


The same phenomenon I could watch with the loot of a Toborros Courtyard run (the pleasue speader visual amplification device thing, Iso-5 vials...)


Yesterday I bought 2 of the same icons from one of the prefab-transformer droids and right clicked them in my inventory to unlock it. I only wanted to unlock one of those and donate the other one to my guildship, but now I have to spnd more prefabs or credits to do so :(


Some other decorations worked normally (one right click => one unlock for the stronghold), so I imagine this is an issue with the proper definition of the items rather than stacking itself...


Can someone verify this behaviour?

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I can confirm both things you are reporting.


The first thing very likely is an engine limitation. Stackable items are always grouped during looting, it has been this way since release. Maybe some day they will change this, until then we are left with a Master Looter who splits the stacks and gives the items to the highest rollers.


The second thing has been reported in other threads before and has been confirmed as a known issue, so the devs know about it and will hopefully fix it someday. :)

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