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Jukebox: Underworld vs Jukebox Core World - Why do they BOTH play cantina music?


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I have both jukeboxes in my SH and found that they are essentially two jukeboxes playing a split list of cantina music. What disturbs me most is the Jukebox Core World Classics being completely misleading with it's name. I would have thought Core World music would be the ambient music from the planets like Hoth (the music I was hoping the jukebox would have) or any other planet in the game. Instead both jukeboxes plays tracks I have heard on the Cantina jukebox (without the track selection option however). How does this classify as "CORE WORLD" when it is actually the cantina tracks?


Does BW plan to fix this or is this another one of those "classic" working as intended situations where BW ignores how misleading they are being once again and rips us off? :mad:

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