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Xferred my Jug here


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Transferred my Juggernaut here for some casual fun. I can play all 3 specs, but prefer tanking. If you need a tank for a pvp rated team, or looking for a tank to start doing HM and into NiM operations, hit me up on here with a PM.


I currently only have a mix of min/max Obroan and Brutalizer gear for PvP AND PvE though. So my PvE tank gear i'll have to start working on, but I know all of the fights. I've cleared everything except NiM DF and DP on my mian server as a shadow/sin tank.


I'm an East Coaster though, so I play 7pm-Midnight every night on my time. Which would be 4pm-9pm for you west coasters. Weekends I'm free anytime though usually.


In-Game: Soulçaster

(the ç is an ALT+135)

K bai :rak_03:

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