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Looking for Pub guild GSF/PvP/leveling


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I have lots of toons, but I recently rerolled a new Guardian that I want to level pretty much exclusively through GSF and PVP. I'm leveling this toon as a tank, though I already have a 55 vigilance guardian. If there are any guilds that do a lot of GSF and lowbie PvP, I'd love to join. I don't get to play a lot during the weeks right now, but I'm on *a lot* on the weekends.


My new Guardian's name is Bohne. You also might be able to message me on Llaine or Fox, my 55's that I also play. Or you can reply here. Whatever's clever.


Incidentally, I'm in my 30s and prefer (though don't require) a mature(ish) environment. Thanks for reading!

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