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Primarily tank LF NiM guild, either faction.


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Hey there, so long story short, I tank. I'm like that guy who does that thing with the game and stuff. Yeah, that guy.


For realzorz, I am 3/5 NiM DF atm with experience in CZ tankwise, but deepz was too low so we didn't clear it. I'm looking to get back into current NiM content. No DP NiM experience outside of discussing strats with a buddy, but I have a willingness to research and learn strats so I'm not tanking blindfolded (though that is fun). I currently have available to tank a(n)- Assassin, Juggernaut, Powertech, Shadow and Vanguard.


Impside my juggernaut is NiM ready and my personal best tank, the powertech has a few 186 pieces but hit 55 last weekend, so is missing a relic and 2 implants, and the assassin needs a decent amount of armoring/enhancement upgrades. If you have a need for a specific tank impside, I can do that.


Pubside my vanguard is my most geared and NiM ready/experienced. My shadow is also NiM ready.


Raid days would have to be weekends (yeah, I'm that guy who's also that weekend warrior goml). I can discuss specific times as needed, since those aren't really set in stone, but I am not an APAC player so naturally I don't really have a fondness for raiding from 2-6 A.M. (I know, whadda scrub amirite), and am looking for U.S. guilds.


Alternatively, I have a guardian DPS, a lesser geared Marauder and Sniper Impside, and lesser geared Scoundrel and Sorcerer healer (Lesser geared meaning HM ready, not NiM ready and would need a gearing run, but I have no qualms with filling another role).


Thanks for taking time out of your incredibly busy day to read this 2 minute post and boost my single digit self-esteem to almost double digits. It means a lot to me, and if you think I can mean a lot to you, P.M. me here, message Xinrimy impside, or hit me up on MySpace because it's still relevant.


Have a good one.

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