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Three Mandalorian Brothers


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He who was born first is Godnirso

The second as Tanceley

And the youngest of them is Avickik

They are three human brothers born in the mandalorian Fett clan. But their paths are all far from close


Species/Race: Human

Name: Godnirso

Last Name: Fett

Nickname: Hunter, Green-face (never call him that), The Menace

Gender: male

Place of Birth: Mandalore

Age: 30

Height: 185 cm

Weight: 91 kg

Hair Color/Style: brown but very trimmed

Facial Appearance: harsh, not friendly, tanned

Eye Color: green

Body Appearance: strong, but not bulky

Home Planet: Mandalore, Nar Shadaa (temporarily)

Current Residence: Nar Shadaa

Allegiance: Mandalorians (primarily), The Empire (secondary)

Profession: Full time Bounty Hunter

Armor/Clothes: Mandalorian armour out of beskar'gan iron (duh)

Primary Weapon(s): A gun he calls Avickik in honor of his lost brother to the jedi

Secondary Weapon(s): A retractable blade in his left guantlet he's named Tanceley in honor of his lost brother to the sith.

Miscellaneous Item(s): Flamethrower


Biography: Unlike his two younger brothers he was born with no force sensitivity. He was the only one his parents had left after Tanceley left for the sith. And he was the only one of them who continued his mandalorian training and became a great warrior.

Born on Mandalore he kept on dreaming about the great hunt. He spent his entire life training with his father and mother. About the time he was 25 he decided to take on some jobs as bodyguard, bounty hunter, and one time a gladiator for a hutt on Tatooine. If it weren't for Braden he'd still be there losing more of his honor every day.


Likes: Sticking up to victims of bullies, honor, glory, violent solutions, killing bad people, vengeance, bounties, prices that he's earned, going according to the contract no matter what it said.

Dislikes: Bullying, unneccesary violence, shame, killing without honor, going against the contract,


Species/Race: Human

Name: Tanceley

Last Name: Fett

Nickname: Wrath, Tempest, Tank

Gender: male

Place of Birth: Mandalore

Age: 27

Height: 183 cm

Weight: 87

Hair Color/Style: Brown, long and braided

Facial Appearance: Harsh, a bit pale, a sith tatoo on his forhead

Eye Color: green

Body Appearance: strong but not muscular (body type 2)

Home Planet: Mandalore, Korriban (temporarily and ancestraly), Dromund Kaas (currently)

Current Residence: Dromund Kaas

Allegiance: Mandalorians (secretely primarily), The Empire

Profession: Sith Lord under Darth Baras

Armor/Clothes: Sith Armor with several pads of beskar

Primary Weapon(s): Lightsaber with rancor tooth he and Avickik defeated together

Secondary Weapon(s): the force


Biography: Born on Mandalore and raised Mandalorian with his brother Godnirso, he was brought to the sith after he had recently turned twenty when Korriban Overseer Tremel arrived speaking of him being strong in the force. It was his plan that sent Tanceley to korriban to study and train to become the apprentice of Darth Baras, He spent five years on that planet until he finally got to become the apprentice of Baras (he was shocked in seeing how fat he's got).

Likes: Glory, honor, violence, following the sith code, following passions, mocking jedi, killing and honoring worthy foes, encouraging other people, telling the truth, money

Dislikes: Mocking mandalorians, bullying, showing mercy to the enemy, kinslaying, lying to people


Species/Race: Human

Name: Avickik

Last Name: Fett

Nickname: Mando

Gender: male

Place of Birth: Mandalore

Age: 22

Height: 184

Weight: 86

Hair Color/Style: Military shaved

Facial Appearance: Harsh, a long scar across his entire face

Eye Color: brown

Body Appearance: body type 2

Home Planet: Mandalore

Current Residence: Coruscant

Allegiance: Jedi Order, his brothers, the Republic

Profession: Jedi Knight

Armor/Clothes: Jedi Armour layered with beskar and a long, brown cloak over it

Primary Weapon(s): Lightsaber with rancor tooth he defeated with Tanceley

Secondary Weapon(s): The Force


Biography: He never got to know who his real parents were, nor who his brothers were until a trip to Nar Shadaa.

Before he was born his parents had gotten aid from a Jedi Master whom he never met. The deal they struck was that if he'd help them they would give him the baby who he sensed would be strong in the force, it was easy for them since force users are disowned in mandalorian culture.

He trained to be a jedi for his entire life, meanwhile he was taught about his culture as requested by his parents.

But his teachers all saw that he would not grew up to be a perfect jedi, since he has always had problems going with the jedi code, always enjoying the battle, and having trouble controlling emotions. Even though being told that he would most likely fail as jedi by his own masters he still tries his best in listening to the code and controlling his emotions.

Likes: Honor, fights, sacrificing if neccesary, secrets of the force, killing sith and horrible people, following the jedi code.

Dislikes: Unneccesary violence, imperials unless it's his brothers, going against jedi, bullying.

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