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Vettes Romance where can I talk to her


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Hi all


I am at level 20


I haven't talk to vette since dromancess.


This there special place where to engage conversation with vette?


It just that I haven't yet since conversation option after dromancass.


It be very helpful if someone can talk me through this or give me some advise by level where I should be going to talk to her. My affection rate at the moment is 1000 at level 20.


regard :rak_confused:

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Would've been faster to ask ingame in general chat, but anyway:


When a companion wants to talk to you (little icon over their picture, and they say so if you try to speak to them) they want to talk either "on the ship" (usually romance or companion going on a solo mission) or they want to "talk in private" which means your ship or any cantina-area (e.g. center of fleet or cartel basaar).


Companion story is linked to class-story progression, though. So before they actually want to talk to you you need to be at a certain point in the class story, and have the neccessary affection. If your affection rises too fast, there may be a point where you have no conversations for a long time, and then after finishing a planet or chapter, have several conversations in a row.

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